Mayor Fig denies being a dunderhead despite missing out on another twinning

Legoland Town’s Mayor Trusty Fig has rejected claims made by his Town Council members that he is a “dunderhead”.

Shortly after news broke that Legoland City had agreed to twin with another foreign town – the second within the week – Mr Fig spoke to reporters claiming that Legoland Town was not losing out to its urban cousin Legoland City, and that, despite the obvious fact that they were, he was not a dunderhead.

“Legoland Town is prospering, we don’t need to twin with other towns to show we are a great place to live. Dunderheads don’t live in great places. I am not therefore a dunderhead”, he explained adding that “also, Legoland City has twinned with towns they nothing about”.

Mayor Fig has come under pressure in recent months over his blocking of the redevelopment of Legoland Town and some prominent minifigs have accused him of taking bribes from the Hole Heads crime gang.

His counterpart in Legoland City, Mayor Infamous Figus, also faced a grilling on Tuesday when he signed a twinning agreement with Caseville despite not even knowing the name of the twinned city-state’s mayor.

Today, however, was a brighter day for Mayor Figus as Legoland City signed its second twinning agreement, this time with Veerstown.

Veerstown, Mayor Figus confidently proclaimed, “is ruled by one Tracy Smith and is giggle-piggledy town Legoland City can learn a lot from”. Questioned whether this description of Veerstown would make relations with the sister city somewhat frosty Mayor Figus answered “I don’t see why it would”.

Back in Legoland Town, Mayor Fig appeared to be in the land of sour grapes when he commented that Legoland City’s twinnings “leave a lot to be desired”.