Legoland City twins with Caseville city-state in perceived coup over neighbour

An historic day for Legoland’s capital city was completed today at the Winter Palace as Legoland City mayor Infamous Figus signed into the City Charter the twinning of Legoland City with the Caseville city-state.

In the ceremony, Mayor Figus expressed his delight at the twinning of the cities calling the day a “momentous occasion for the nation’s capital”. Mayor Figus explained that the aim of twinning is to “bring together minifigs of different cultures and to foster positive international relations thus benefiting everyone except weapons manufacturers”.

Mayor Figus denied accusations that Legoland City had somewhat entered into the unknown by twinning with a town he knows little about. He admitted his lack of knowledge of Caseville after being grilled by reporters but confidently assured the media that soon he will know more. “In time I am sure we will find out things like who is the ruler of Caseville and who is its mayor. These things are just formalities, no big deal”, he concluded.

Meanwhile, Legoland Town mayor, Mr Trusty Fig, has scrapped plans by the Council to redevelop the sleepy town into a high-rise business district. Whilst continuing to deny accusations that he has taken bribes from the Hole Heads crime gang to oppose the redevelopment plans.

The mayor, who has frosty relations with his own Council members, explained that his decision was based on the increasing likelihood that Legoland Town will be relocated in the coming months.

“It would be foolish of me to give the go-ahead to the Council to permit large-scale construction programmes in the area should the whole town be moved in the coming months. Minifigs would be calling for my head if I did so”, he ended. Meanwhile, protestors outside the Town Hall called for the head of Mayor Fig shouting he was in “cahoots with the mafia”.