Legoland and Rulandstin establish full diplomatic relations in apparent marketing move

The government of the Legoland Imperial Republic has established full diplomatic relations with the People’s Brikpublic of Rulandstin the minister for foreign affairs, Mr Diplomaticus Crisis, confirmed this evening.

In a press conference in Legoland City, Mr Crisis said that the two nations have agreed to establish contacts and formally recognise each others existence.

Mr Crisis put forward the notion that it was important for Legoland to expand it international influence and profile through peaceful means.

“The Emperor feels that military interventions only work sometimes and it may be better to make friends not enemies”, he said. “For increasing the profile of Legoland the government in unanimous in its approval of the establishment of diplomatic relations with the Rulandstin nation”.

Rulandstin, ruled by a leader simply known as “the King”, is gearing up for general elections in the Summer with the incumbent favourite to retain power. The nation’s population is believed to be in the region of 175 minifigs but aid agencies claim that many of these are disabled after two severe hurricanes ripped through the land.

Emperor David meanwhile is expected to take some minutes out of his busy schedule tomorrow to congratulate the King of Rulandstin and his forces for managing to successfully settle in a less than hospitable region of the world. Sources close to the Legoland dictator claim that the Emperor was impressed at Rulandstin’s ability to recover from natural disasters.