Emperor orders Winter Palace destruction as part of wider buildings rennovation move

Dictator of the Legoland Imperial Republic, Emperor David, has called for the destruction of a number of the capital’s most prominent buildings in a public address this evening which has taken many minifigs by surprise.

Among the buildings scheduled to bite the dust will be the Emperor’s own city residence, the Winter Palace, and the nation’s tallest building, the Offices of the Ministry of Defence. A number of other more minor buildings, also located around the city’s main square, will be torn down including the Legoland Air Agency and one of the square’s two yellow residential apartment blocks.

The Legoland Times understands that demolition of the ill-fated structures will be carried out tonight and tomorrow by army explosive engineers with construction on the replacement Winter Palace and White House buildings starting in earnest.

Whether slave labour will be used in the construction programme is as yet unknown, however, indications are that they may not as the Emperor was unhappy at the quality of previous work carried out using slave labour.

Indeed, controversially, slaves were used to build the original Winter Palace in December 2006.

The Emperor’s own public address stated that new government buildings shall be designed in the neoclassical style and their features will aim to express the power and glory of the Imperial Republic.