New automobile group founded in bid to compete with motor giants Legoda

Ex-Fiorentina football club board members Mega Puncherus, Pious Playus and Cautious Dryus, have announced their intention to use cash from the recent sale of the club to set-up a new automobile manufacturing plant that will likely be located in an eastern suburb of Legoland City.

The new company, to be called the Legobishi-Legohatsu Group, aims to provide stiff competition to the long-established car giant Legoda and will particularly focus on the cheaper, low-end car models.

Mega Puncherus, who will act as the group’s president, said that “Legobishi-Legohatsu will bring the possibility of a car to each and every minifig in the Republic, no matter how poor they are”.

The Legoland Times believes that at least £12m of the £17m earned from the sale of the Viola will be pumped in to the fledgling firm in the coming months with returns on the investment not expected until late Summer or early Autumn.

Mr Puncherus expressed his belief that the company could be profitable by next year.

“Legobishi-Legohatsu will bring a more advanced type of car to the average minifig and at a cheaper price. With this formula we should expect to see Legobishi-Legohatsu eat into Legoda’s market share by the end of 2008 with the first profits possible in the first quarter of 2009”, he said.

Their rivals at Legoda will no doubt be keeping a firm eye on developments yet business analysts believe the Legoda Group need not worry too much.

“It is unlikely that Legoda will see a major decline in car sales, and may infact see an increase even if it does lose some market share to Legobishi”, predicts the State Economic Bureau in a press release this afternoon.

“The booming Legoland economy could be a win-win climate for all the nations major automobile manufacturers – Legoda, LegoAuto and Legobishi-Legohatsu”, it read.