Country of Legaña welcomed into the league of nations by the UTN

The Union of Toy Nations General Secretary Corpus Missingus has welcomed the nation of Legaña into its family of nations at a ceremony held today in the Chessland capital, Chessland City. Missingus called on the nations of the world to unite in “making Legaña feel at home”.

Legaña, a Lego nation, is ruled by President Pedro Cuahchic but little is currently known about the state. According to former Legoland Times journalist Infamous Scriptus, Legaña is “a secretive state” administered “by burnt bananas, similar to the Gardinians”. Scriptus claims that the nation has a fairly good health care system relative to the Republic’s, “but that’s about all”.

Meanwhile, Emperor David has moved quickly to welcome the new nation and called for the two countries to open embassies in each others lands. He also added that “this place could be alright for a sun holiday”, but he quickly ruled out an invasion.