Transport minister reveals new light rail network for capital is coming

The new transport minister Trafficus Stuckus, who replaced sacked minister Biggus Retardus earlier today, has announced that the government has agreed to fund the new monorail system for the capital and some of its eastern suburbs.

The light rail system will cost the taxpayer £148m and is expected to be completed by Autumn 2008.

The move is likely to ease the mounting pressure on the Department of Transport as in recent months criticism of the nation’s transport system has been rising among average minifigs. According to an independent study carried out by the Sarafield Research Group, 88% of Legoland City’s traveling public are “unhappy” at the capital’s public transport network. The other 12% are “outraged”.

There is concern from some politicians that the preliminary development plans do not include integration with the Legoland Rail network. Green Party spokesman Constantus Panicus called this “apparent oversight” an “embarrassment to the people of the Republic” and called on Mr Stuckus to be forcibly removed from office.