Government denies media reports of concentration camp construction

The government has today categorically denied reports which have appeared in the national media suggesting that parliament has given the go ahead for the construction of a massive concentration camp complex inside the Imperial Republic.

According to the Minifig News International agency, the government plan to send dozens, if not hundreds, of “undesirable” minifigs to the camps for internment upon their expected arrival in Legoland in the coming months.

These “undesirable” minifigs reportedly would include black minifigs, figs resembling Harry Potter, pale-faced “fleshies”, and minifigs possessing body proportions and skin colour different to the standard.

Rebuffing accusations that the government is inherently racist, the Interior Ministry claimed that minifigs of some strands could pose a threat to national security and for this reason measures will be implemented.

The ministry however denied that a concentration camp has been built or is under construction at this present time. “No camp or camps currently exist as there is no need for them”, spokesperson Infallibus Onus said. These claims have been slammed by some with TV celebrity Bosco claiming that “all minifigs have rights no matter the colour of their plastic”.

Meanwhile, The Legoland Times can confirm that up to 468 minifigs are expected to migrate to Legoland in the next month or so after initial entry visas were granted to them by the Immigration Office.

The 468 in question are expected to go through a vetting and screening programme before being granted Legoland citizenship. Those minifigs deemed “not ready” for Legoland life may be housed in the aforementioned camps indefinitely if they are indeed constructed.

The massive number of new arrivals will swell the nation’s population and may lead to civil unrest according to opposition politicians. The government has moved to allay these fears by assuring the public that the arrival of the migrants will “coincide nicely” with the arrival of new military equipment from the LEGO Factory.