Nation near economic turn-around and recovery says State Economic Bureau

The State Economic Bureau has predicted a turn-around for the stagnant Legoland economy in a new report released today.

A study carried out by the government body concludes that the decision by the state’s rulers to splash the cash on new imports in December will result in a massive construction boom in the first quarter of the new year.

Legoland, which experienced the biggest ever boom in its history in the Autumn of 2006, has been in the slumps for a year since January 2007. This slump should end however according to SEB analyst Mr Numberus Puncherus.

“We expect major growth in industrial output, primarily in the construction, motor and logging industries. These areas will lead the economic recovery following the recent cash injections into these sectors”, he told The Legoland Times.

Indeed, the nation’s military announced today that it has received the first batch of new Legoda manufactured 112 piece LRG T-11 Mammoth tanks which were ordered from the LEGO Factory in December. The Legoland Republican Guard will likely be ordering at least another six of the light battle tanks after initial testing proved their fighting capability. The investment in the military has seen Legoda, the nation’s top automobile manufacturer announce its own plans to open a huge new production and assembly plant in East Legoland City.

The first delivery of new trees was also received by the Legoland City County Council today with 20 spruce trees and 40 fouliiferous trees imported. The trees will be used to rejuvenate the woodlands north of Legoland Town and may be planted along the road to the ND Land capital ND Town.

Once again environmental groups went crazy today, this time for happy reasons, at the delivery, the biggest ever single delivery of trees in Legoland’s history. Greenpeace spokesman Census the Celery said his organisation were “ecstatic at the news” and gave praise to the government. “I must thank the Emperor and his men for the decision to spend money on trees. Many people think trees are only good for making money but we believe that these people are fools”.

It is understood that more major import deals will be made by the government before the end of the month and in February, the birth month of the national leader. According to the state newspaper Brick Politik, “new investment in the military hardware will make Legoland a true military superpower by the Summer of 2008”.