Plasticland Empire invades the country of New Paperland with massacres reported

A massive Plasticland Empire army numbering 150 soldiers has invaded New Paperland under the orders of Emperor Mal Mor with numerous reports of whole populations of villages being “liquidated”.

The decision by the fascist dictatorship to invade the Paper state has sent shock waves around the world with the Union of Toy Nations (UTN) set to hold an emergency meeting later today in the ND Land capital, ND Town.

General Secretary of the UTN, Corpus Missingus, called for “peace, reconciliation, and a take-away”.

According to the New Paperland state broadcaster NPTR, Plasticland Empire forces launched four simultaneous offensives on New Paperland, attacking from the West and North. Largely uninhibited, the Empire’s forces have already captured the villages of Flipsen, Loranne and Duseldam.

NPTR reports that at least 50 civilians have already been killed, a significant percentage of the entire Paperland population. Meanwhile it is understood that the national army is consolidating its positions around the capital Paperland city and bracing itself for the onslaught.

This new conflict has dramatically increased tension in the region with Legoland currently waging war with Duplostan, after recently conquering the Space Republic. According to analysts, the regions superpowers are consolidating their power by annexing smaller nation states where possible. “What we are seeing here was inevitable”, said UASL Global foreign affairs correspondent Iknowit Allus. “It is possible that smaller nations who feel under threat will band together as seems to be the case in the Duplostan War at present with reports that Belvistan is assisting Duplostan”.

Meanwhile the Legoland government has called on Plasticland Empire to cease its attack on New Paperland calling the invasion “a barbaric and needless adventure”. Nonetheless it is believed that Plasticland Empire values New Paperland, the world’s third biggest producer of wood after Gardinia and Paperland.