New Paperland falls as Plasticland Empire forces rout NPA to capture capital

Forces loyal to the Plasticland Empire dictator Mal Mor have captured the New Paperland capital wiping out the NPA army in the process. The Empire took the city after a three pronged attack overwhelmed the city’s defences. According to sources close to the deposed government, the New Paperland president Crackalic Paperic has fled to the neighbouring state of Paperland.

There are reports that the invaders are plundering the city’s resources with anything of use being shipped back to the Plasticland Empire. The Union of Toy Nations secretary general Corpus Missingus called the Plasticland Empire’s actions “unacceptable” but went short of demanding that sanctions be imposed on the state.

In an address to the “peoples of the Greater Plasticland Empire”, Emperor Mal Mor praised his military for a quick and decisive victory and warned other nations to “stay away or pay the price”. This warning comes after Camelot threatened to go to war with the superpower.

Meanwhile, in a bizarre development, King James I of Higginsland has confirmed his desire to “join forces with Paperland, to help them fight Plasticland”. Both Paperland and Plasticland have been taken aback by the kings remarks with both states declaring mutual respect for each other’s sovereignty.

The Plasticland daily, Blue News Today, claims that King James I “may have mistaken Plasticland for the Plasticland Empire and Paperland for New Paperland”. If so, it appears that Higginsland is too late to help New Paperland and analysts believe that the nation would be well to avoid the wrath of Mal Mor alone.