Whereabouts of New Paperland’s former president remains unknown

Following the collapse of his government, the New Paperland leader, president Crackalic Paperic, has seemingly gone into hiding in an attempt to avoid capture by Plasticland Empire forces.

According to the Plasticland Empire newspaper, Reich Press, the New Paperland president may face execution if he is found. “The Empire’s ruler, Mal Mor, has already sealed Paperic’s fate”, the paper reported.

Meanwhile, the ruler of the Kingdom of Camelot, King Ghandi, has again reiterated his support for the paper state and for the deposed leader. In a press release issued to The Legoland Times, a representative for the Camelot ruler had some supportive words for Paperic and New Paperland.

“If the New Paperland president Crackalic Paperic wants, he can come to Camelot for shelter. In consultation with The General Commission, a liberation force can be formed and send to New Paperland to set the nation free. This will only proceed on request of the New Paperland president. We’re willing to co-operate. The plastic soldiers will be fought with superb force”.

There are some reports that Crackalic has already fled abroad with neighbouring Paperland and Kland mentioned as possible locations. Others that suggested that the former ruler is holed up somewhere in the ruined New Paperland City. Whether Crackalic has heard Ghandi’s offer remains unknown.