Camelot threatens war with the Plasticland Empire as Legoland gives up

Plasticland Empires advances towards the New Paperland capital continued in earnest today despite warnings from King Ghandi of the Kingdom of Camelot that such aggression may lead to his nation’s entry into the war.

New Paperland villages of Branad, Esran, Hangate and Pula where levelled over the weekend with dozens of Paperland citizens massacred or taken captive. The assault on Hangate saw for the first time the Empire’s forces come face-to-face with the New Paperland Army but the NPA were obliterated in the face of overwhelming fire-power. The Empire’s forces are now just 50km from New Paperland City, the seat of the national government.

Following an offer by Camelot to send in peace keepers, and a subsequent rebuttal by the Plasticland Empire ruler Mal Mor, King Ghandi, who has problems with the English language, issued the following statement (numerous corrections made) to The Legoland Times. The statement appears to be a thinly veiled threat to Plasticland Empire.

To Herr Mor,

The Kingdom of Camelot celebrates this year 15 years of existance. During this period it has faced many wars and conflicts. We have only become stronger and bigger because of it so we don’t fear any obliteration by you or anyone else. We outnumber you many times in soldiers and technology.

It’s the job of Camelot together with the former UPA to maintain peace and order throughtout the universe. We have mediated in many conflicts with success. We also have experience in fighting different minifig-species as Lego, Playmobil, plastic soldiers, robots and mutants. Our force contains all these elements to fight any enemy with success.

 We shall monitor the situation in your area Argus-eyed and if neccessary we shall act to guarantuee safety in your area.

King Ghandi

The threats come as a surprise to some as previously the Camelot leader has proclaimed his land to be a bastion of love and peace.

According to analysts however the Plasticland Empire is unlikely to take much notice as the totalitarian state is considered a military superpower with 100% of its population in the military service.

Meanwhile, Legoland forces have announced a cease-fire with Duplostan forces in their battle to take the capital The Block. Media sources from Duplostan confirmed that shelling of the city stopped at 7am this morning and artillery stations where being dismantled. The King of Duplostan, King Dope, called the development “common sense”.