Heavy casualty numbers reported in battle for Duplostan capital, The Block

The Legoland Times can confidently report that the Legoland Republican Guard are suffering major loses in their bid to capture the Duplostan capital The Block. With the government and military imposing self-censorship on the battle, The Legoland Times special war correspondent Neutralus Axis has confirmed that the LRG have suffered upwards of 60 dead in the week-long assault. Duplostanian casualties are suspected to be a multiple of that number Axis reports.

Despite having superior fire-power, the Legoland military have failed to crush the Duplostan resistance and there are reports that King Dope’s forces are receiving military aid from neighbouring Belvistan. Indeed King Dope has called on Duplostan’s neighbours to come to the rescue of the surrounded city and attack the Legoland army from its rear. King Dope declared that “all Legoland soldiers sent to Duplostan will burn and perish in Duplostan”, and that should hostilities not cease immediately, “Legoland City will be raised to the ground”.

According to sources close to the government, there are fears among some LRG generals that supply lines to the front-line may be cut should Belvistan send in fighters however these generals will not air their views in public to avoid the wrath of the Emperor.

Meanwhile, the overall situation worsened for the Legoland Imperial Republic as the neighbouring state of Treedon, which fought and arguably won a year-long war with Legoland in 2001, declared moral support for Duplostan. Legoland has bitter memories of the Treedon War, a conflict which saw over 700 killed.