Legoland overruns whole swathes of the Kingdom of Duplostan in surprise land invasion

The Legoland Imperial Republic has launched a full-scale attack on Duplostan with up to 150 troops having invaded the small nation under orders from Emperor David.

It is understood that Legoland Republican Guard forces have captured most of the small towns and villages with only the capital city, The Block, holding out. Both the government and the Legoland military have refused to comment on the invasion, apart from warning other nations “to stay out of it”, but Duplostan news sources are reporting major fighting in and around the fortified capital city with reports of dozens of LRG troops among the dead.

In a televised statement the leader of Duplostan, King Dope, called for Legoland to halt the invasion or face a slaughter that would not stop at the gates of Legoland City. He called on smaller nations who “live under the shadow of Legoland” to “rally against the imperialists” and “send fighters to free the surrounded capital”.

According to independent observers, the Duplostan forces are no match for those of Legoland with reports of some Duplo soldiers having to resort to the use of bow-and-arrows. Nevertheless, the capital is in effect a fortress built on an island and difficult to storm. The Legoland Republican Guard are likely to use artillery guns and air power to take out the key defensive positions said the respected UASL Global foreign affairs correspondent Iknowit Allus. “The LRG will be looking to break the back of the Duplostan forces and end this conflict as early as possible before international criticism makes the assault untenable”.