Legoland overthrows Space Republic government in act of “empire building”

The Legoland Imperial Republic today attacked the independent Space Federal Republic, overthrowing its government and abolishing its constitution.

The attack saw air bombardments over Space City in which local news outlets claimed killed 56 minifigs, all citizens. The LRG is believed to have suffered no fatalities. The Space Federal Republic, which is an alliance of the MTron, Spyrius and Futuron state-lets, offered virtually no resistance to the might of Legoland.

According to sources, the Emperor’s elite battalion of fanatical fighters, the Legoland Republican Guard, seized the SFR parliament at 19:01. The SFR government formally surrendered just nine minutes later at 19.10.

The seizure of the Space Federal Republic’s lands and peoples apparently signifies an escalation in imperialism by the Legoland Republic. It is believed that orders to invade came directly from the Winter Palace as the Emperor wishes to increase the power of Legoland through plunder and slavery. The Legoland economy is struggling of late and according to the Financial Times of Legoland, “a conquest such as this can only help”.

Nevertheless the independent Blacktron Republic has accused Legoland of aggression and said any attack on its territories will result in a harsh response. Blacktron’s leader, president Yurie Bore, stated “we will fight to the death rather than surrender to such aggressors”.

The Emperor has however tried to calm president Bore by stating that “Blacktron poses no threat to Legoland, so Legoland will ever act against it”. His words may nevertheless be taken with a pinch of salt in Blacktron as the Lego dictator is well-known for breaking promises and international agreements.