Emperor hailed by government after banning God in Act Of Common Sense

Dictator of the Legoland Imperial Republic, Emperor David, has been praised by members of his government today for banning God under a new parliamentary act he personally signed into the constitution.

Under this new act, termed the Act Of Common Sense, the worship and practice of any God or religion is now prohibited under Legoland law. Those found guilty of breaking the law with respect to this act is likely to face a job interview with their local slavery employer.

The government-run newspaper, BrickPolitik, which was launched for the first time today by the Government Press, announced the introduction of the act and warmly welcomed it as a “victory for science over idiots and the self-deluded”.

It hit out at “those who worship words from the Bible, the Koran, and other silly stuff”, accusing them of acting like “Ned Flanders” and being “either fanatics, or mentally retarded, or both”. It added that these “types” are, and will forever be, “no longer welcome in a progressive Legoland”.

Reaction to the new law has come in quick and fast with both the ruling and major opposition parties apparently happy at its passing.

The New Brick Order Minister for Sports, Education and Drugs, Mr Crazy-us Broadside, praised the law and said that “all decent minifigs should report practicing criminals”, which he coined as being “criminalfigs”.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Legoland Communist Party, Obnoxius Genus, said that his party felt the law was a “good idea”, adding that “no one likes these religious preachers, their scaremongering, their loony indoctrination attempts and their dead boring choir music”. Mr Genus concluded that choir music was “for losers”.