Greentown Athletic defeat Higginsland minnows in historic meeting of sides

Serie A side Greentown Athletic have defeated Higginsland side Xtran by a 3-1 scoreline in a historic friendly played in the rogue Lego state. The game was the first time that a Legoland side played a club from Higginsland and speaking after the game Greentown Athletic coach Gianpietro Ventura said that he was delighted to have made some history with the Greens.

The victory did not come as such a surprise to Ventura as he labelled Xtran as “one of the weaker Higginsland sides”. Indeed Xtran lie close to the bottom in the Higginsland Premiership which is led by Arsenal.

Xtran meanwhile were unavailable to comment following the defeat, however, it is believed that the ruler of Higginsland, King James, is angry at their loss to a Legoland side and may punish the club.