Nation of Higginsland granted UEFA membership by governing body

UEFA have announced that the country of Higginsland has been accepted into its footballing community and Higginsland football clubs may now participate in the 2006/7 UEFA Champions League and UEFA Cup tournaments. The announcement is expected to cause celebrations amongst the populace of the small Lego nation however there has been no word as yet from the secretive rogue state.

Indeed, according to the UASL Global newspaper, “no one even knows what the leader of Higginsland is, whether he or she is a dictator, president, elected prime minister or something else”. Even the name of the capital city is unknown and so is the nation’s national flag.

Nevertheless, UEFA chief and general lard ass Mr Fifa said that he was “delighted” that another nation has joined the association. “We welcome the Higginsland FA and associated football clubs into our family” said a beaming Mr Fifa. The Higginsland FA were unavailable to comment on UEFA’s decision.

Higginsland clubs which have won licenses to play in the 2006/7 UEFA competitions are as follows: Adsrus, Bonito, Cashville, Castles FC, Charville, Chelvt, Cherdem, Damnlow, Eggdale, Eggfaf, Eggnog United, Eggward FC, Higgins Galaxy, Higginsland, Higginsland Arsenal, LOOE, Seagulls FC, Xtran

The following clubs were refused licenses due to the naming rights already being owned by other national football associations: Bolton, Charlton, Hartford, Legoland United, LFC, Portsmouth, Reading, Watford. Indeed Legoland football giants Legoland FC and Legoland United threatened to sue UEFA if they had granted licenses to the Higginsland sides LFC and Legoland United. Special dispensation was however given to Arsenal due to the clubs importance in Higginsland despite the club name being already registered to a club side in Eland. Its full name will however be called Higginsland Arsenal to distinguish it from the Eland club

Meanwhile it is understood that the football associations of some of the top national sides including Legoland, ND Land, Chessland, Sandland and Eland will be requesting friendlies with Higginsland.