ND Times reports games giant SEGA in take-over talks with Serie A club Lazio

It has emerged today that Mrs Sega, the owner of one of the world’s major international video game software and hardware developing companies, has struck a deal with King Noel to buy Lazio in a deal expected to be in the multi-million euro region. The details of the deal have yet to be announced, but it appears that Lazio in Legoland and ND Land will be run by the games tycoon.

ND Land FC are expected to be major beneficiaries of any deal, as they will be hoping to snap up some of the cash obtained from King Noel. However there is cause for concern for Gardinia East FC supporters as Mrs Sega may be seen to be dividing her attention away from the Gardinian giants.

Reports, however, have indicated that the details of the agreement are complicated, and thus far have not been released to the media.

There have been no club comments or personal comments from King Noel or Mrs Sega at this time.

Lazio, who are struggling in the relegation zone in Legoland, desperately need a turnaround in fortunes and will be hoping that Mrs. Sega’s leadership can help them climb out of trouble.