Lazio deny link to crazy rocker but express interest in crazy murderer

According to the ND Times, insane rock-star Marilyn Manson has been linked with the managerial position at Lazio as pressure mounts on the incumbent Delio Rossi. Rossi is sure to be upset by the rumours that the rock-“God” will be taking his post claims the newspaper.

“Stealing post is a crime and whether you are Joe Bloggs, Delio Rossi or Marilyn Manson, the punishment is the same” claimed an editorial in ND Land’s top news daily.

Meanwhile club officials at Lazio have denied speculation that Marilyn Manson is on his way to manage the club. When questioned, the club responded by saying that “these Marilyn rumours are ridiculous. We don’t want Marilyn Manson. Charles Manson is much more up our street”.

However, according to the ND Times, Charles is not a likely contender since he currently resides in jail and is not facing parole in the near future, so Marilyn may have to do.