Famous literary author calls for league leaders Legoland FC to be shown ‘the door’

A man purporting to be Pondaland author Hans Christian Andersen has slammed champions Legoland FC following the violence which erupted in the February 11th Legoland Derby. In a statement issued to the press, Mr Andersen said that “Legoland FC should be thrown out of the league”.

He continued, “this nonsense has gone on for far too long and the Legoland Football Association have taken no decisive action against the club. There is a serious problem with the mentality of the directors of LFC if 3 people die and there is no response shown by the club in the aftermath of such an event. I say show LFC the door!”.

The slamming indictment was finished with Mr Andersen saying that “for the time being, all matches should be played behind closed doors and LFC should be deducted points.”

Mr Andersen, who died in 1875, is believed to be a supporter of AC Ponda.