Legoland United demand ND Land club Albern make further Taribello payments

Legoland United have demanded that ND Land football club Albern “hurry up and pay up” the outstanding monies owed to them following the sale of Alex Taribello over 5 years ago. The club have said that their lawyers will be contacting the ND Land league’s governing body, the NDFA, for a “quick resolution” of the issue after attempts at direct contact with Albern have “failed miserably”.

According to sources close to Legoland United, the Reds are seeking a significant additional cash payment, believed to be in the region of £10m to settle an agreement they had with the ND Land giants.

The agreement involved additional payments dependent on the number of goals Taribello managed to score in his first seasons at Albern. Legoland United have stated that they believe Taribello surpassed the minimum number of goals necessary to release the additional funds.

Albern, who have been struggling in recent seasons, are yet to comment.

It was confirmed earlier during the week that the NDFA would be investigating Alex Taribello’s transfer from Albern to Roma. However, according to the ND Times, there were no specific comments made by the NDFA in relation to this matter.