Empire Police to review security measures as Legoland Derby violence sees three murdered

Clashes between rival fans of Legoland FC and Legoland United has resulted in three men losing their lives and serious injuries to dozens according to the Empire Police. The trouble peaked in the hours following Sunday’s Legoland Derby football fixture, a game which saw Legoland United claim a hugely important 1-0 win thanks to former Legoland FC player Victor Selvaraj.

The Empire Police confirmed that there were over 60 incidents of public disorder reported following the football game as hundreds of fans streamed out of the San Siro stadium and into Legoland City. According to staff at the capital’s St Mary’s Hospital, 18 men are being treated for stabbing wounds, 4 of which are critically injured. The three men killed were believed to be supporters of Legoland United who were attacked by a rampaging gang of LFC hooligans. The authorities confirmed that they had detained 55 people suspected of assault, public disorder and looting. The detainees are being held in police stations throughout the capital and in Legoland Town.

Legoland Rail, who operate the nation’s railway network, have accused drunken supporters of Legoland FC of vandalising the city’s Central Train Station smashing windows, braking seats and spraying graffiti. The company said it would be considering taking legal action against the Legoland Football Association and Legoland FC to be compensated for the damage estimated to be £30,000.

The latest football violence has resulted in the Legoland Communist Party calling on the government to set up a dedicated anti-hooliganism police force. “Enough is enough, these thugs must be stopped” said a party spokesperson. The government have refused to comment.