King of ND Land weighs in with “everybody hates LFC, everybody loves a clown” comment

The ruler of ND Land, King Noel, has spoken of his satisfaction at the Legoland Derby result which saw Legoland United defeat cross-town rivals Legoland FC 1-0. In an announcement to reporters, King Noel said that it was “good to see LFC beaten in the Derby… Everybody hates LFC so why don’t you?!”. He went on to say that “Everybody loves a clown… Celebs are the real winners today”. League leaders Celebs defeated Marino 2-0 at the Imperial Stadium in another of the day’s games.

King Noel’s comments may come as a surprise to “intellectually challenged Playmobilians” however they do not come as a surprise to “most people with brains” according to The Legoland Times journalist Willy Blankus. “The leadership of ND Land has never liked Legoland FC and unlikely ever will” said Mr Blankus.

He pointed out that the King, who owns Serie A side Lazio, was fined a massive £2m by the Legoland Football Association in the 1990s after accusing Serie A referees of favouring LFC. “The King at that time was president of the Sky Blues and was blue in the face after seeing his side beaten by the Blues. Who wouldn’t be?”.

Before the Derby kick-off King Noel was reported to have called LFC player Simone Inzaghi a “Gobsheen” and shouted “Come on United! We all hate LFC!”.