ND Land football league undergoes extensive surgery including forced retirement operation

It has been revealed that the governing body of the ND Land football league, the NDFA, commenced last week a review and restructuring process for the national league it has been reported today. It is believed that the NDFA will be inspecting member football club’s finances and playing staff details and retiring players deemed set for the retirement bin or Old Age Pensioners association.

According to the ND Times, the football association will also be determining which teams will make up the 2006/2007 league season, however, this will involve a “considerable amount of work” the newspaper reports.

It is believed that Legoland clubs will be following the developments across the border closely and keeping an eye out for possible interventions on the ND Land transfer market. A number of Legoland clubs are believed to be scouting players from the top ND Land clubs including ND Land FC, Albern, Gardinia East and Ailsbury.

The Legoland Times reports that the Legoland Footballing Celebs will make a £7m bid for Ailsbury talisman Cristiano Lucarelli whilst Legoland United may offer up to £8m for ND Land FC’s Juan Roman Riquelme.

Selling players to ND Land clubs is also of particular interest to a number of cash-strapped Legoland clubs with Republic president Pol O’Toolio stating he was “hopeful of flogging off some bums like Keith O’Neill or Roberto Arco to Berry Brigade for about ten mil [£10m]”.