Shock as Legoland FC public relations top man Daniele Massaro tells the truth

Legoland FC Public Relations spokesman Daniele Massaro did indeed tell the truth yesterday as his club today released a number of potentially extremely damaging photographs of Mr United speaking with what appear to be three wizards. Mr Massaro has accused the Legoland United manager of using witchcraft to fix league matches and says that these photographs prove this without doubt. Mr Massaro has called on the Legoland Football Association to expel Legoland United from the league.

There was widespread shock throughout Legoland today as proof that Mr Massaro did tell the truth was reveiled. According to a poll conducted by The Legoland Times, 87% of people polled said that they were in disbelief to find that he had not lied. Of these, 62% were of the opinion that witchcraft could influence league games.

Some people however suggested that these images were probably staged by LFC and maybe Massaro paid a Mr United look-alike to pose in the photos.

The photographs do however seem to show the real Mr United in deep conversation with three blue clothed old men, two holding what appear to be “magic” wands.

Mr United has remained tight-lipped and has refused to comment to the press on the story however his lawyers have said that they will take Legoland FC to court over Massaro’s remarks should an apology not be forthcoming. “Legoland FC are no doubt up to their usual dirty tricks and attempts at tarnishing the good reputation of our client will fail and backfire” said the statement from Mr United’s legal team. The statement accused LFC of “trying to gain a psychological advantage” over United ahead of the two club’s crunch league tie in a fortnight.