Legoland FC accuse manager of rivals Legoland United of practicing “witchcraft”

Legoland FC have hit back at cross-town rivals Legoland United accusing Reds manager Mr United of practicing Witchcraft. The Blues claim to have photographs of Mr United consulting with “up to three evil wizards”. LFC spokesman Daniele Massaro slammed Legoland United as he announced the news and called for the club to be kicked out of the league for “trying to cheat through black magic”.

Massaro said that LFC will issue photographs soon to “prove without doubt United’s guilt”.

Although Mr United has refused to comment, his lawyers said they will sue LFC for “dragging their client’s good name through the gutters”.

The latest spat between the most bitter of rivals comes only days after Mr United description of LFC as a “shambles” and only two weeks away from the meeting of the sides in the league’s Legoland Derby.