Green groups criticise County Council decision to permit logging in Dalam woods

Lumberjacks have started to fell trees in the wood

Lumberjacks have already started to fell trees in the wood

Environmental groups have criticised the Legoland County Council after their decision to permit logging companies from practicing “managed forestry” in the Dalam woods.

The County Council said that they made their decision after considering both the needs of the construction and logging industries as well as those of the environment.

Greenpeace said that they will appeal the decision and have hit out at the re-zoning of forest land for commercial development projects. The Council however have claimed that new land is needed and the city must expand eastwards.

“New buildings cannot be built in the city centre as virtually all sites are already used and out West most of the available land is used in Cante” a Council spokesperson stated. “The only available land in the West is in ND Land and that is outside the jurisdiction of this state” he added.