Attempted Central Bank robbery foiled as “ugly looking” assailants set off alarms

Crowds gathered once free money was spotted

Crowds gathered once free money was spotted

Armed criminals have failed in what police are describing as an audacious attempt to rob the Central Bank of Legoland.

The raid on the Bank, which was carried out by up to half a dozen heavily armed men in broad daylight and on one of the capital’s busiest streets, came very close to successfully stealing thousands of Lego pounds from the bank’s safes according to authorities.

The attack failed due to the rapid response by the Special Police Block, an armed division of the National Police, who were alerted by the bank’s alarm system kicking in after the thieves had fired a number of gunshots. The attackers failed to prize open the main vaults and are believed to have escaped with under £200.

The Bank of Legoland has confirmed that none of its staff members or customers who were on the premises during the attack were injured however 3 office clerks are being treated for shock.

Speculation as to who carried out the attack is already rife with the media focusing their attention on the nation’s main organised crime syndicates. Images of a number of the assailants have been captured on CCTV security cameras and faces of suspects will be published in the national media in the coming days.

The Legoland Times understands that police are not ruling out involvement from the Hole Heads or Shaven Heads clans. According to one witness, at least 3 of the 4 attackers which she saw had “those ugly holes in the top of their ugly heads”. The other was wearing a cap, “so it was hard to tell”.

Police believe that the attackers escaped in the direction of Marino or Legoland Town and have set-up road blocks in a number of areas in the city’s suburbs.