Frustrated Cripple and Christy demand first team places as frustration grows

Legoland United veteran forwards, Cripple and Christy, have demanded their places back in the starting line-up of the Reds. Both were dropped after scoring just one goal between them in over 10 matches. United replaced the duo with new signings Victor Selvaraj and Jose Luis Calderon who have netted 8 goals between them this season, 4 for Legoland United.

Both Cripple and Christy are firm crowd favourites at United, ranking only behind Leper in the popularity ratings. Mr United may well consider a recall for one of the duo to replace Calderon but dropping Selvaraj would appear unlikely as the star has helped turn around a poor start to the season.

United’s secured a 2-1 away win over Port Villa at the weekend thanks to a double from Leper, his sixth and seventh goals of the campaign. The Reds will consider themselves back in the race for the championship as they now lie just five points adrift of Legoland Footballing Celebs.