Legoland Footballing Celebs crowned honorary Serie A Winter Champions

Legoland Footballing Celebs are the honorary Serie A “Winter Champions” after their 2-0 victory over Sampdoria saw the club finish the year 4 points clear of Legoland FC in the league standings. The season is however only at the half-way stage, and although the Celebs will be hopeful of bringing the league crown back to Turin after a 3 year absence, their meeting next Sunday against LFC will without doubt be the most crucial game of the campaign to date.

Celebs will go into that clash in great form having not lost since early November 2006, whilst Legoland FC are stuttering along seemingly not having found any real consistent form. The Blues, who drew 0-0 at the weekend against Ravenna, will be desperate to put one over the Celebs, especially after the manager of Celebs, Giovanni Trappatoni, recently called for LFC to be docked points for crowd trouble. Indeed, LFC’s Public Relations guru, Daniele Massaro, is reported to have called Celebs a “media-driven circus of freaks and geeks”. The Legoland Footballing Celebs are owned by media mogul, Mr Prints, who also owns The Legoland Times and is one of Legoland’s greatest men.

Elsewhere in the league, Legoland United’s abysmal form continued, much to the delight of Legoland FC supporters. A scoreless draw with bottom side Robin Ravers sees the Reds fall seven points behind the league pace-setters. Rumours that Mr United could be forced to resign were however rubbished today with the Legoland United board claiming that the idea of forcing the much-loved veteran manager out was ridiculous and “probably made up by that cross-town [censored] Massaro”.

Ahead of the Reds are Inter Police, Juventus, Lion Lakers, Roma and Foggia. All bar Foggia will be hoping of mounting a realistic challenge for the title, however the bookies favourites from the bunch are seemingly the 03/04 and 04/05 league winners, Inter Police. The Pigs have undergone a dramatic resurgence lead by on-loan striker Samion and midfield genius Ronnie O’Brien. The Pigs have climbed from a lowly 16th place in early December to 3rd place by the year’s end. Of the others, Roma, Juventus and Lion Lakers have all suffered from the same inconsistency as LFC. Whether any of these sleeping giants can reignite past glories remains to be seen.