“Mass” protest against “Playmobil agression” draws single protestor to Legoland Square

The protester appeared to be an "rented" prisoner

The protester appeared to lack passion, by-passers said

The Government has called today’s protest against Playmobil’s threat of war a “resounding success”.

Calling the protest a “mass expression of Lego people’s views”, a spokesman for the Government denied that a single man who turned up with a placard in Legoland Square wasn’t representing a mass expression.

The rally was called by the authorities after last week Playmobil leader President Bouwers threatened to attack Legoland should the Republic legalise slavery. The Republic legalised slavery last weekend but Playmobil have so far not commented further on the matter.

The Government also denied that the single individual who did turn up was a temporary prisoner ordered by the police to stand in the square against his freewill and participate in a protest.