Legoland FC fined £100,000 for October riots which resulted in fatality

Serie A leaders and reigning champions, Legoland FC, have been fined £100,000 by the Legoland Football Association today. The LFA announced the decision to fine the Serie A giants after fans of the club rioted for 3 consecutive days in October and early November. The violence resulted in one man being stabbed to death by the Legoland FC Yellow Heads Ultras.

The board of Legoland FC have hit out at the fine and have labelled it a “Legoland United plot” aimed at undermining the club’s financial position which they described as “still healthy”. The club were in debt up until Autumn of this year until they received back-payments for Champions League television rights and earnings from the previous 3 campaigns.

Meanwhile initial reaction to LFC’s £100,000 fine has been greeted with disappointment from other quarters. Not surprisingly, across town, Legoland United’s Eli Louhenapessy called the decision “a shambles” whilst the Legoland United manager expressed a view that “LFC will never ever be deducted points”.

Indeed Serie A’s chasing pack, the Celebs, Roma and Lion Lakers all expressed their “surprise” that LFC had got of so “lightly”. Celebs’ president, Mr Prints, who also owns The Legoland Times, called the fine a “paltry sum considering one man was killed in the rioting”. Roma coach Luciano Spaletti called on the LFA to reconsider the penalty and, rather than have a monetary punishment, LFC “should be deducted points”.

LFC have said that they are considering appealing against the decision.