Legoland United’s Louhenapessy slams “comically bad” Legoland FC at conference

Legoland United tonight unveiled Eli Louhenapessy as their latest in-season signing after agreeing a £2.75m fee with Greentown Athletic. At the press conference to announce the signing, Louhenapessy was asked how he felt about joining United at a time when the Reds’ arch city rivals, Legoland FC, were riding high in the table.

Louhenapessy replied by slating the reigning champions calling them a “comically bad outfit”. “Everyone knows LFC are useless and a shambles” he continued adding “poxy LFC only win things by bribing football associations and refs”. Louhenapessy’s remarks were seemingly sanctioned by the Legoland United manager, Mr United, who sat beside the 28 year old during the press interview. “Eli speaks what everyone else knows is true but are afraid to say” Mr United added.

These outbursts by both Louhenapessy and Mr United may leave the LFA with no option but to punish the duo or indeed Legoland United as the comments have undoubtedly brought the game once again into disrepute.