Worst hotel ever opens in city suburb and drawing strong criticism from local slum dwellers

The poor design has even shocked slum dwellers

The poor design has even shocked slum dwellers

The “worst ever” hotel has opened for business today in the poor Legoland suburb of Dalam.

The one star hotel has been slammed by the National Tourist Board for being “ugly”, “depressing” and “lacking the most basic of facilities”.

The hotel has a distinct lack of character and windows the NTB said and only just passes the Health and Safety regulations of two doors which can be used in any emergencies.

The hotel’s owners, Jury’s Hotels Group Ltd, said that the building has no glass window panes due to the site being situated in one of the more unpleasant areas of Legoland City.

“Due to the lack of land in the city centre we had to locate to Dalam and let’s face it, it’s a dump”, said the CEO of the hotel group.

“We will hope that our presence here will help the area regenerate and improve and maybe one day we will do up the hotel but we are planning a no-frills kind of accommodation” he said. Indeed the hotel currently has no beds for lodgers with currently only seats available.

Local residents of Dalam have criticised the building saying that it is the most ugly building they have ever seen. “It really is a horrible building” one man said adding that “it looks like a load of [studs]”.

Dalam is one of the poorest areas of Legoland City with 90% unemployment rates and high levels of crime and public disorder. Nevertheless the Canco Drinks firm and Legoland Stores Supermarkets have announced their intention to open businesses in the suburb in the coming days.