Builders finish works on stadium ahead of weekend’s inaugural SuperLeague fixture

A new floodlight system is being added to the arena

A new floodlight system was added to the arena

Major renovation of Legoland City’s San Siro stadium has been completed by the Export Company and Elegotricity firms and Legoland United are expected to play their first game at the arena on Sunday as they host Serie A opponents Sampdoria. The stadium has had new floodlights installed on all stands to facilitate evening kick-offs.

Two SuperLeague clubs, Legoland United and AC Milan share the stadium.

United are expected to give debuts to new signings Victor Selvaraj, David Coulibaly and Andrea Coda as Manager Mr United rings in the changes following last weeks defeat to Juventus. Mr United said that he was “expecting a warm welcome” as United fans have reportedly been making stockpiles of molatov cocktails and petrol bombs should they lose the tie.

Across town, United’s Old Rule rivals Legoland FC are preparing legal action against the Castle Clan newspaper after the publication called for LFC to be deducted points for “encouraging hooliganism”.

LFC’s Public Relations manager Daniele Massaro slammed the newspaper’s accusations declaring that they cannot stop their fans from using the Castle Clan as toilet paper nevermind stop them from causing public disorders.