Police criticised as public disorder flares out of control despite 46 arrests

The Central Train Station did not escape

The Central Train Station did not escape

Clashes between Police and hooligans of Legoland FC have continued for a third consecutive day and show little signs of ending according to reports from the Legoland City suburb of Cante.

The rioting is the worst in years with 1 death reported and over 100 injured and 46 arrested. There are calls from the leader of the Legoland First Party that the army be deployed to bring peace to the streets of the capital.

The violence broke out on Saturday evening after LFC fans, unhappy at their club’s 0-0 draw with Marino in the Legoland Football League, began throwing bricks at shops near the city’s Central Train Station.

Upon the arrival of police units, the crowd of troublemakers quickly swelled as troublemakers from the poor suburbs of Cante and Ballycante joined in. Cars were then overturned as police fired tear gas in an attempt to restore order. The response by the police however enraged many of the hooligans to turned their anger towards any civilian bystanders in the area. A man with a red and white shirt was stabbed and killed, his shirt colours being those of LFC’s hated cross-town rivals Legoland United.

The severity of the rioting resulted in the roll-out of the much feared Empire Police battalion however even the presence of these shady characters has not quelled the violence.

Meanwhile the Legoland Football Association, who run the Legoland Football League, have stated that they do not intend on deducting points from LFC due to their fans behaviour. Roma boss Luciano Spaletti has declared that LFC should be deducted 3 points for every day of trouble, while Legoland United football player Fabio Galante has said that LFC should be kicked out of the league. Neither of these are likely to be inflicted on the biggest club in the country however other punishments should as heavy fines are being discussed according to the LFA.