Legoland United to offer £18m for Lakers’ Vincenzo Montella

Legoland United are preparing a massive bid to tempt Lion Lakers into letting go their prize asset, Vincenzo Montella. Montella, Lakers’ top goalscorer has netted 3 times in 8 starts this season and United feel he is the man they need to replace one of the misfiring Cripple and Christy who between them have failed to hit the target once this campaign.

According to reports from Castleland, Lion Lakers would not be willing to sell Montella unless a massive bid was tabled. Lion Lakers lie 9th in the table however they are only 5 points adrift of league leaders LFC and would still consider that this year the title is not beyond them. Therefore letting go of Montella at this stage in the season may simply not happen.

The Castleland daily newspaper, The Castle Clan, has claimed that Lion Lakers owners may however accept the bid to help the long-term future of the club. The Castle Clan believes should Lion Lakers sell the player, they would use the majority of the cash received to invest in a youth academy which would in time provide a steady flow of talent to the first team.