“I’m a fig of peace, unlike them” explains Deeds in interview with the Minifig Times

Deeds signed a piece of paper with the simple word "peace"

Deeds signed a piece of paper with the simple word “peace”

A simple figure acting without an ounce of malevolence. Those are the self-descriptive words of the much maligned Fred Deeds who spoke exclusively to the Minifig Times about life in Legoland and his foreign detractors. From a secret location near Balenium, for his own protection from overseas agents he explained, Deeds signalled it was time for “other countries to accept the facts”.

The reality, he assured, is that he was not the “bad guy” in the PBR and is not a bad guy in Legoland. He explained at length the background to the PBR crisis which he termed an “unfortunate turn of events” that led to many regrettable deaths and his unwanted exile.

“When contesting the PBR presidency I was tapping into the many ills and injustices felt by many of my homeland’s minifigs. There was widespread anger at years of corruption by the PBR elite, William Brik and his cronies, squandering millions annually on mindless military projects and the Blackbrik paramilitary ‘project’ as it was known, all run, not surprisingly, by Brik and his friends. On election day it was no surprise that the exit polls showed the electorate was casting their votes primarily in my favour, in their hope to free themselves from the shackles of corruption.”

“With power clearly slipping from his yellow fingers, Brik engineered a manufactured crisis that hoodwinked not only the PBR army but foreign powers in the Capricas and Legopolis. It was and continues to be a master-class in spin. Democracy is unacceptable to Brik and his kin but they say they fight for it with every shell that hit Brockton. With the Brik’s subservient media reporting that I was stealing the election and had disposed of Brik and his puppet Bob the King, popular opinion did indeed start to turn against me. In the interests of the PBR I moved to seek support where I could from local groups and indeed Cobra. One could argue working with Cobra was an error on my part, but with the PBR army indoctrinated into believing Brik’s autocracy was democracy I was a beggar who had no options to choose from.”

Deeds explained that he is not motivated by revenge and is hoping to work to better the lives of minifigs in his newly adopted homeland. “Revenge serves no one but those that serve the arms industry. You can put William Brik top of that list. I’m here to help Legoland, I feel I owe them for my wellbeing. That’s why I smile a lot, I am simply happy to be alive.”

His worries, he explained where now on his former countryfigs back home but his efforts were focused on Legoland. “I left PBR as an asylum seeker in affect. If I had stayed it is likely I would have been disfigured and imprisoned until my studs degraded and I posed no further threat. I feel for those I left behind, my family, friends and the hundreds who sought a change for the better. But here I am working to make improvements.”

He finished the interview by accusing not only the PBR state apparatus of having blood on its hands but also the heads of the Capricas, Legopolis and Lego Republic. These have propped up or assisted the PBR during and after the 7 Day War. “I don’t have trouble sleeping but they should”.