New football season will introduce “major positive changes” announces governing body

The new football season is set to kick-off in September.

The new football season is set to kick-off in September.

With a new Serie A season nearly upon us some have wondered where has the LFA’s perennial meddling been this Summer. Such minifigs will not be disappointed however as association chief Henry Fifa confirmed today that more change is on its way for the 2013/2014 season. He was nevertheless coy at what changes would be on the cards, with some viewing this as an attempt by the association to hype-up talk around the league adding manufactured excitement ahead of the first ball being kicked.

“Some big changes will be made concerning all clubs, players and owners. We will be announcing these in the coming week. Stay tuned”, said Mr Fifa.

When asked whether the number of clubs in the league would be reduced further, a common off-season practice by the association in recent years, the unpopular minifig refused to provide a proper answer. “We reviewed everything that we felt needed reviewing this off-season. That included the size of the Serie A and Series B divisions. We identified pluses and minuses in different configurations but that’s all I can say.”

Meanwhile owner of the Minifig Times and Serie A side Celebs, Arubury Prints, told fans at the club’s training ground in Medalin that the team would be ready to challenge for the title this season. “I’ve ensured that enough resources have been made available to the head coach this season to guarantee that we will be up there with the big boys this time ’round.”