LFA chief Henry Fifa confirms player names are to be changed in historic development

One can expect more local names and no more De la Penas.

One can expect more local names and less “De la Penheads”.

“Some big changes will be made concerning all clubs, players and owners”, said Mr Fifa last week and today he announced what those changes will be. From the new season onwards, the names of all footballers, managers, coaches and any minifig involved in the LFA League will be reviewed and changed if necessary to meet guidelines under the Name Changing Act.

The move is seen as the final keystone of the so-called “Legoisation Programme” championed by the State since the later half of the last decade. “Although some will feel it is a break from tradition, this break is for the good of all and I am sure in the long-run minifigs who currently doubt the decision will see it in a more favourable light”, the LFA chief said.

The LFA confirmed that the decision was only made following approval from the State. The association also confirmed that it would review the change at the end of the 2013/2014 season.