Caprican First Minister begs forgiveness with sorrowful apology to the Empire

The Caprican royal family are also understood to have apologised.

The Caprican kinglet’s “royal” family are also understood to have apologised.

The recently elected First Minister of the Caprican banana kinglet, Winston Spencer, has formally apologised to the Empire and its press in a speech to the country’s oldest zoological garden, the Eulenbourg. The bumbling minifig claimed his country had made an error of judgement by listening to their intelligence service, which is an oxymoron in itself.

“To the Empire and its people, Caprica apologises. To the Empire’s press and media we also apologise”, Spencer said. The minifig came out to state that his government of baboons had wrongly accused the Empire of building a nuclear plant with the intention of wiping Capricas from the face of all known plates. “We have learnt our lesson”, he mumbled.