Heated exchanges in parliament as rival political parties clash over nuclear plant

More pictures of the plant have emerged.

More pictures of the plant which occupies an estimated 8,000 Studs2 have emerged.

The Hall of Minifigs erupted into fiery verbal crossfire today as members from all political parties took pot-shots at one another over the attempted cover-up around the now confirmed Enatol nuclear facility.

The Effective Minifig Union and Communist Party led government took heat from members of the opposition New Brick Order, Everyone Deserves Bricks and independents.

EDB leader Henry Ricard called on PM Julian Halliday to resign over the affair which he termed was an attempt at “hoodwinking the country’s entire population.” His accusations were mirrored by comments from celebrity independent Jesus who exclaimed that “figs were treated with more respect in the Castlefig dominated First Legoland Empire of the late 1980s.”

The Government hit back accusing both the NBO and EDB of political posturing claiming neither cared for public transparency. “You lot would have done the same if you had any capability to lead and not be sitting on the opposition bench like useless Clone brands”, the PM said. He added that “this wasn’t a cover-up, it was a question of national security.”

Asked whether the plant would be used as part of a uranium enrichment programme for “bombs to be dropped on the Capricas or whether it was solely for electricity production”, he refused to comment which will no doubt increase tensions between the Empire and the foreign power.

Meanwhile the Minifig Times can confirm that officials from the Ministry of Truth are still pressurising the news agency to remove recent reports and photographs concerning the nuclear story. As proponents of freedom of reporting, it is our belief that these requests are misguided.