Strategic Non Aggression Pact signed with the PBR Republic

The prototype Tiger T2 tank unveiled by Legoda Motors. The heavy tank is intended to replace the aging T1 fleet.

The prototype Tiger T2 tank unveiled by Legoda Motors. The heavy tank is intended to replace the aging T1 fleet.

The Empire of Legoland and the PBR have signed a Non-Aggression Pact aimed at ensuring neither party services or facilitates any nation state deemed by the government of either to be an enemy.

The signing of the Davidium-Rulandstin Treaty took place in a secret location in the PBR. The news was announced by the Ministry for External Affairs within hours of the conclusion of failed peace talks with the Caprican banana kingdom. Regional observers believe the pact is directly related to the collapsed talks and is likely a strategic move by the government to secure an axis of support nations for the Empire should hostilities break out.

Separately, in a demonstration of future capabilities in the field of war, the Imperial Army has unveiled the prototype for the tank proposed to replace the army’s aging Mammoth T1 fleet. The Tiger T2 tank (pictured) is a significant advance on its predecessor with technological advances made in both maneuverability and attack and defence proficiency. A spokesfig for the manufacturer, Legoda, heaped praise on the model.

“This T2 introduces threads to support manoeuvres over uneven terrain and inclines. The turret has enhanced maneuverability and the size of the mounted gun has been increased to take a more powerful shell and pack a bigger punch.”

It is anticipated that T2s will be rolling off the production line within the week.

Responsibility for talks breakdown “lies firmly with Caprics”

The Minister for External Affairs, Roman Balfort, laid the finger of blame for the collapse in peace talks firmly at the door of the Caprican diplomats in an interview with state television. Speaking on RTL’s lunchtime news, Balfort let loose. “Terming the Empire a ‘Junior State’, ignoring the existence of the Government Press, and arrogantly forgiving when forgiveness was not sought is strange diplomacy in action from the self-declared “noble” kingdom. The Caprican state has shown yet again its two-faced nature; pretend to seek equality for individual minifigs and at the same time look down on entire nations. Admirable”, he said.