Trade embargo placed on Capricas

Government imposes blockade after Caprican attack on free media

An indefinite trade embargo has been placed on the Kingdom of the Capricas by the Empire of Legoland the government confirmed today. The move is seen as a direct response to months of unwarranted attacks on the domestic media in Legoland, attacks instigated by the ruling class of the foreign basket-case.

Addressing the Hall of Minifigs, Prime Minister Julian Halliday said the Emperor had personally instructed the government to introduce the trade embargo as the first in a number of measures aimed at protecting the free press. Mulden accused the ruling establishment of the rogue Caprican state of living in a fairy-tale-like land of perpetual weddings, coronations and self-celebration while most of its populace languish in third world poverty.

“I thought I knew what backwardness, double-standards and improvidence was until I read the reports of this land from our emissary there”, Halliday said. The Prime Minister went on to describe the banana-kingdom as “insignificant” with regards to export numbers. “Exports to the kingdom in the first two months of 2013 amount to under £40m, a miniscule portion when compared with the Empire’s total exports in 2012 which amounted to over £48bn”.

The Minifig Times understands that exports to the Capricas to-date are dominated by the minifig slave trade, a trade that the Caprican government has, unsurprisingly, previously condemned, yet fully engages in it.