Three Summits dam to be developed

Electrical output to surpass 2400 MW upon completion of project

Electrical output to surpass 2400 MW upon completion of project

PowerGen, operator of the Three Summits Hydro-electric Dam, have confirmed that work will begin in earnest on the installation of a second internal water turbine, generator and piping system at the site, which when completed will boost electrical output to a massive 2400 MW.

The existing facility currently generates about a quarter of all electricity for the City, with a maximum output of just under 1000 MW. Hopes that the project may realise savings on behalf of ordinary minifigs, through reduced rates, were however dealt a blow in a statement released by PowerGen. “The further development of the dam will require significant investment upfront and increased ongoing maintenance charges so at this stage a move to lower the unit price of electricity is not on the table.”

Opened in 2008 with the world’s first use of such technology, the dam is a symbol of the Empire of Legoland’s significant lead in innovation in the field of science and renewable energy according to the Ministry of Truth and Propaganda.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Truth explained that the Three Summits Hydro-Electrical Dam was, “a first of its kind, the envy of the world, a flag bearer for the Empire.”