Empire of Legoland to adopt new flag

Third Empire insignia to be dropped from Imperial flag

The Third Empire insignia is to be dropped from the official flag of the Empire of Legoland on February 11th this year, the feastday of Emperor David. The decision to alter the flag was made by the new Effective Minifig Union and Communist Party coalition government after consultation with His Imperial Majesty.

Addressing the Hall of Minifigs, Prime Minister Julian Halliday said the move was part of a policy to remove partisan insignia from government bodies and insignia. “It’s time to move on from stamping our party political idealogies onto the state. We and our coalition partners agree that the Empire of Legoland must be an Empire that is all-inclusive. All minifigures should feel at home in the Empire whether they are of the left or right, whether they are yellow or fleshy, or whether they are studs or inverted studs. Symbols such as the Plastic Eagle do nothing to help ‘figs fit in.”

The Empire’s soon to be new flag has come along way from its predecessors, the flag of the UASL introduced in 1994, the flag of the USSL introduced in the late 1990s and the flag of the Third Empire of Legoland introduced in 2010.

Removal from the Bloodmark of the Third Empire insignia has angered a number of groups including parliamentary opposition parties, the NBO and Legoland First. NBO deputy Reginald Tume launched a stinging attack on Halliday and Communist Party leader Marius Hanibal. “It’s absurd that we bend over backwards to please minority groups. We’re not some backwater state run by subfig Caps or Fleshies. Its time Yellow Heads stood up and were counted and tell Mulden and his left-wing lackey to stop destroying this country.”