Castlefig Independence Movement member claims the Caprican press are lying

A senior Castlefig Independence Movement member has accused the Caprican news media of “stoking trouble” ahead of the forthcoming general election by spreading unsubstantiated rumours that the Empire of Legoland is in a period of political flux.

Speaking in Medina, CIM election candidate Elanor Greatus accused the Caprican on Sunday of “gross indifference to the welfare of minifigs in Legoland”. Greatus explained that the tinder-keg that is politics in the Empire’s regional provinces could do without scare-mongering rumours which she labelled “deliberate fiction masquerading as news”.

Greatus called on the Caprican on Sunday to apologise for the story. She stressed to minifigs in Castleland that political peace remains intact in the vast majority of the Empire’s regions. “We will settle our differences through the ballot box and not through the use of arms or legs or any physical action”.