New Brick Order facing meltdown with leftists to gain as Empire to go to the polls in June

Legoland will head to the polls in the Summer after the Council of Empire confirmed the 1st of June as the date for the 2012 General Election. The NBO’s unwillingness to confirm a day for their near-assured political euthanasia forced the independent election body to circumvent the norm and pick the day for them.

With under three months to swing public opinion in their favour, the NBO are now facing humiliation. Most minifigs point the yellow finger of blame for the 3 years of recession firmly at the door of the Newbies.

The latest BlueSea/TMT poll indicates that the Everyone Deserves Bricks party took take a hall majority if public sentiment remains the same. The centre-left party will likely face a battle for the left vote from both the Communist Party of Legoland and the Effective Minifig Union.

Other parties likely to see an increase in seats is the pro-Legoban Castlefig Movement for Change.